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Our self ordering kiosks are designed to fit your business. Self-serve360 kiosk can help deliver fast service, accurate orders, liberating experiences and increased profits.

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  • Increase throughput and transaction size during peak hours.
  • Reduce queue and waiting time
  • Free up employees to handle higher-level tasks and boost customer service.
  • Optimize transaction flow.


  • Create a more relaxing and enjoyable experience.
  • Provide customers with a consistent look and feel from the mobile app to the self serve kiosk.
  • Make customers feel comfortable super sizing and customizing their orders.


  • Increase order size with a typical lift of 20-25% per order vs traditional POS verbal ordering.
  • Increase retail items sold with scan-and-go.
  • Grow 30% higher average typical ticket over mobile apps.
  • Promote higher margin items.

Grab the customer’s attention in this busy world with the ease of SelfServe System at their finger tips!

There is cut-throat competition between the businesses to keep their heads above water in the space of Restaurant business

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Self Serve kiosk reveals demand sooner, allowing faster fulfillment and higher customer satisfaction

NWC SelfServe360 Features

Self-Serve360 platform can easily integrate into Android or Windows powered devices.